Restaurant Information


Please fill out the required Temporary Food Facility form for the Department of Environmental Health. This form must be returned by Thursday, May 19th, 2016. Here is a form pre-filled with the festival information for your convenience. This can be scanned and attached to the form below electronically.

Logistics Information

Logistics information detailing load-in and day-of operations will be delivered to you via email no later than May 23rd, 2016.

  • General Information

  • Menu Items

    Please list your beer-infused/inspired dish as Menu Item 1. Be sure to include the style of beer used in the dish's preparation. Menu boards for your booth will be printed exactly as the information is submitted below. Please make sure your information is correct. **Chefs--it's time to flex your craft beer muscles! We will gather Menu Item 1 from each participating restaurant, and we will do highlights and promotion of these special offerings on our site and on social media.
  • Please list your beer-infused/inspired dish here with the style of beer used in preparation.
  • Power Needs

  • A standard plug is generally 110v/20amp while larger equipment with a special plug required needs a 210v/50amp connection.
  • Department of Environmental Health Permitting

  • Please upload your completed TFF Application form. Brew & Food Festival will process the application with DEH and send you confirmation. If your restaurant currently holds an Annual Permit, please attach a copy here for our records.