The Motley Brews team is giving love back to San Diego. We care about the city and understand how important it is to minimize waste. We are tapping kegs to reduce the amount of beer bottles in our recycling bins, setting up water towers to avoid and eliminate plastic water bottles and boosting up San Diego Coastkeeper’s beach cleanups. Let’s all do our part and keep San Diego clean!


Motley Brews Crew

How You Can Help

What are a few ways you can go green at Brew and Food Festival? We have some GREAT suggestions. First, purchase your tickets online and go paperless!

If you just can’t wait and are eager to get more connected, you can join San Diego Coastkeeper in its effort to protect and restore fishable, swimmable and drinkable waters in San Diego County. For more information on how to help, follow San Diego Coastkeeper on social media. If this still isn’t enough, check out ways you can get involved.