At the Fest

The Brew & Food Festival will feature:

  • Beer sampling from 60+ craft breweries.
  • Food for purchase from 25+ chefs and restaurants.
  • A focus on season, specialty, and new release beers in order to cultivate an exciting and new sampling selections.
  • Menu items inspired by craft beer and created by top-level chefs and restaurants exclusively for BFF and paired with select craft brews.
  • A combination of a stellar beer lists and menus that cannot be found elsewhere that will make BFF a significant beer and culinary experience for the inquisitive novice and seasoned enthusiast.

Culinary & Brew Pairings

  • A distinctive difference between BFF and other festivals is undoubtedly the craft beer and culinary pairing focus of the event. Breweries that opt into the Pairing Pavillon will have their beers featured alongside dishes created by chefs from prominent restaurants. Each dish will come with a beer sample, selected by the BFF team to perfectly complement the chef’s creations and highlight the complexities of the brews.

Specialty Activations

  • Festival programming will incorporate time-release pours, pop-up activations, and rotational focus areas to keep a flowing crowd dynamic and give guests an immersive event experience. Guests will engage with breweries and chefs on an intimate level, creating the maximum possible impact and leaving all parties with a memorable and meaningful experience.