2016 Mad Craft Chefs

Mad Craft Chefs will also be featured on the Chef Demo Stage


Chef Javier Plascencia

Mad Craft Menu
Whole Hog Gordita

with Ghost Pepper Salsa, Pickled Veggies

Charred Eggplant and Requeson Tostada

with Preserved Lemon Salsa and Fresh Watercess

Chocolata Clam

with Octo and Potato Escabeche

The charismatic personality of Tijuana-Born Chef Javier Plascencia reflects on his take on Baja Mediterranean cuisine, of which he is a fervent and energetic promoter. Baja Mediterranean cuisine obtains its ingredients from the fields, orchards, and farms from both sea and land. Chef Javier Plascencia has an innate talent for selecting the freshest herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables and seafood achieving combinations that create completely new flavor experiences.
BraceroGrupo PlascenciaErizo Caffe Saverios   Finca Altozano Mision 19
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Chef Chad White

Mad Craft Menu
 Ceviche Rojo

 Shrimp, achiote, chile de guajillo, onion, cilantro, lime, avocado, salsa de cacahuates

 Ceviche Amarillo

Yellow watermelon, lime, chile de habanero, pickled red onion, cilantro, cucumber, tajin

 Ceviche Negro

Achiote & Epazote cured pork, squid ink, huitlacoche, Frijoles negro, crema, whole grain mustard

Fresh off of Top Chef Season 13, Chef White has been a San Diego & Baja favorite for over 15 years with an eye toward producing eclectic urban style & Baja influenced gastronomy, unlimited in scope or boundary. Chef Chad’s wild creativity, authentic sense of flavor, style and organic fearlessness drive his kitchens, pushing expectations and boundaries, often giving life to what he has fashioned into his own indelible signature: food outside the borders, flavor beyond expectation, with delight all but guaranteed.  
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Chef Justin Kingsley Hall

Mad Craft Menu
Lamb de Padre

Locally sourced whole lamb bedded with slow roasted farmer’s market vegetables.

After working at Comme Ca in both the Cosmopolitan Hotel and West Hollywood locations, Chef Justin took an opportunity to teach at the Art Institute of Las Vegas, where he focuses on instructing students in career development and also the school’s full service restaurant Opus Too. While teaching he also works on innovative pop-ups, special events and catering. On February 5th, 2016, Chef Justin’s SLO-Boy concept came to life in Downtown Las Vegas.  
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Chef Demonstrations

Chef Justin
Kingsley Hall


Argentine Lamb Heart Asado

Honey & Roasted Pepper Chimichurri

Chef Chad


Ceviche Verde

Shrimp, cucumber, onion, cilantro, chile de serrano, lime, avocado

Chef Javier


Chocolata Clam

with Octo and Potato Escabeche

Gastropub Grottos

The Tastes of Brew & Food

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Smallgoods Cheese & Provisions


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Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

BFF is full of surprises. These local connoisseurs will be popping up around the festival for a special taste of their unique flavors. Keep your eyes open at the festival for these limited samplings.