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The Brew & Food Festival will take place on Saturday, August 26th, 2017 in the beautiful Embarcadero Marina Park North on the San Diego Bay with a crowd of up to 5,000 coming together to enjoy some of the best brews and culinary creations the San Diego region has to offer.  Approximately 70 exceptional craft breweries will be invited to attend Brew & Food Festival 2017.



Brewery Participation Benefits

Brew & Food Festival requires no monetary contribution for breweries to participate. We will partner with a 501(c)3 non-profit, who will be responsible for attaining proper ABC permits for the event.

As part of Brew & Food Festival, each brewery attending will receive:

  • BFF will reimburse you for the actual value of the first featured keg (up to $200 in value) or, if you so choose, will donate that amount directly to the charity. We are especially interested in beers made with ingredients normally reserved for the plate – fruits, nuts, herbs, etc.
  • We will provide an experienced and qualified pourer assigned to your brewery.
  • Four (4) Staff Access Credentials to BFF ’17.
  • Ice, keg/bottle tubs and tables for your booth.
  • Access to brewery-only restroom facilities and amenities.

Participation Requirements

In support of our above efforts, we ask that each participating brewery provide:

  • A minimum of two (2) 15.5g kegs or case equivalent (one purchased, one donated) with at least two different styles represented. We’re recruiting breweries that push the limits of craft beer to bring out their best and most innovative brews.
  • Arrangement for delivery from the brewery or through the brewery’s local distributor.  Beer serving equipment, i.e. jockey boxes, CO2, tap handles, bottle openers, etc.
  • A brewery representative present to speak to our guests about your product throughout the festival.
  • 10’x10′ brewery-branded commercial tent with weights or stakes (if available).

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